Should high school athletes be drug tested essays

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There's only one head coach, and no paid assistants for cheerleading. Levy S, Schizer M. None of these scientists deemed Basis something they urgently need to be taking. Should High School Athletes be Drug Tested? Many schools feel that the students that play sports are the leaders in their schools and should have to take a drug test to be eligible to play sports.

The schools do not want drug users on high school sports teams because in many cases, students on the teams are the ones that are looked up to in.

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Elyria Catholic High School in Elyria, Ohio will begin drug testing their student athletes this fall. After a very successful trial with their soccer team, the school will now test all their student athletes. An outside company will administer the drug tests at the beginning of the year.

Three times. In January ofsix months after the United States Supreme Court ruled that it was appropriate for Oregon’s school district 47J in Vernonia, to require student athletes in middle school and high school to participate in random, suspicionless drug tests, one percent out of the 16, schools in the country had brought the random drug testing.

Doping Rises Among High Schoolers, but Few Districts Test student-athletes at the high school level through the program, set to begin this coming school year. on creating a drug.

Should high school athletes be drug tested essays
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Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Testing in Schools | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)