Decriminalizing drugs as a right way to battle drugs in america

Beyond Marijuana: Gearing Up For the Battle to Decriminalize All Drugs

The War On Drugs is not unwinnable. On its own people. In a regulated market, this would not happen. It costs money to enforce laws.

Washington seems to be taking note. Gary Johnson out of the Rep. We are not the owners of Latin America. April 17, at Notoriously, Clinton rejected a U. Or is it primarily something self inflicted or affecting.

Whenever the US stops drugs in one place there are always others to take up the very lucrative high US demand. However the huge profits made in the illegal production and distribution of drugs makes it too lucrative to be stopped.

Finally, some good reporting from CNN on the fiscal and personal disaster that we call the "drug War on Americans". In Portugal where all drugs have been decriminalized, drug use has dropped across the board. Courts concentrate large amounts of resources in handling crimes and civil cases resulting directly or indirectly from illegal drug use and trafficking.

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Very sophisticated organizations both foreign and domestic exist to devise better ways to get around government efforts to stem the flow of drugs. When Michael Bloomberg was questioned during his mayoral campaign about whether he had ever used marijuana, he said, "You bet I did — and I enjoyed it.

If we regulate, control, and tax the sale and production of marijuana, we close the gateway to hard drugs. Heck, grow it at home, that way, you know if its organic.


Talking about killing an industry when you think about all the support that goes into each individual. Treat it as a health issue, not a criminal one. Throw Bush and Obama in jail and clean the records of people with more trivial drug histories.


Politicians now routinely admit to having used marijuana, and even cocaine, when they were younger. It's not just the threat of imprisonment. The war on drugs raises the price of drugs giving more motivation to sell drugs.

Drug lords and pushers will try harder to get more people into drugs and because there's more risk, there will be more violence as drug lords and pushers will try harder to compete with their rivals. According to a new survey, 49% of the Irish population is in favor of decriminalizing the personal use of all drugs.

“Ireland currently has one of the highest drug-related death rates in Europe,” explains Niamh Eastwood, Executive Director of Release, the national center of expertise on drug use and law in the UK. The War on Drugs as a Public Health Battle Forty years ago, President Nixon declared a “war on drugs.” This rhetoric framed the drug problem as a good versus evil battle, with a punitive solution.

Jul 25,  · The time to decriminalize drugs is right now, and many reformers see a clear political path to achieving this goal, despite the current political situation in Washington.

Many reformers see a clear political path to decriminalization, despite the current political situation in Washington. In President Richard Nixon declared war on drugs.

He proclaimed, “America’s public enemy number one in the United States is drug abuse. people are going to find a way to get drugs. The problem is the war on drugs is not attacking the right people. Sep 13,  · Other countries in Latin America are considering similar changes in their laws, prompting antidrug groups in the U.S.

to say that pressure from south of the border will push the United States toward decriminalization, if not legalization, of drugs.

Decriminalizing drugs as a right way to battle drugs in america
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